Funny Money

Recently I decided to go for early morning walks around my neighborhood. There have been few reasons to get out of the house during the pandemic and I’ve noticed my step count is the lowest it has been since I first owned a smartphone that tracks steps. I get a little fresh air and some time to think. I’ll put in my airpods and listen to podcasts or music and just enjoy a little alone time.

During one of these cold windy walks I noticed a hundred dollar bill lying in the grass next to the sidewalk!! I thought to myself ,”How incredibly fortunate!! I decided to start getting healthy and now God is rewarding me with $100.00, something that could really help my family!!” My next thought was about inflation and $100 today is like finding a twenty on the sidewalk when I was a kid. And then my final thought was grief, because I found this hundred dollar bill not too far from where the highschool kids wait on the bus.

Some poor kid probably got a $100 from his grandma for Christmas, was showing it to his friends at the bus stop and then the cold wind snapped it from his grip!! Blown away!! Gone forever!!

What an unfortunate gift that God has bestowed upon me.

There is no way to verify the rightful owner and return the money. I would have to donate this money to a good cause to restore balance. But before I could figure out what I was going to do in such an unusual situation I discovered another hundred dollar bill on the way back to the house, blown even further than first!! And then another in my front yard!! How can this be!!

A Reddit user experienced a very similar situation recently.

All three were fake of course. The dim light of morning and the gloves keeping my hands warm helped to extend the suspension of disbelief. A sense of relief came over me as I now realized I was not the beneficiary of some poor kid’s misfortune. In fact, I was to the unsuspecting mark of some kid’s mischievous prank.

All was not lost, as I now had some funny money to play my own prank on my niece and nephews for Christmas. My daughter is still too young to buy into the idea of money having any real value.

I guess she’s still too young for an allowance!!

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