Five for Friday – It’s Spring Again (Part Two)!

Lou Rawls – Spring Again

Here is the second half of Spring Again! This time with a song by Lou Rawls you can enjoy with the kiddos. If you missed last week you can click here to see Part One of the spring reading list.

Everything You Need for a Treehouse
Written by Carter Higgins
Illustrated by Emily Hughes
2018 – Chronicle Books

Kids love tree houses. I think most Dad’s like them too! This is a wonderful book that takes treehouse design to new heights. The illustrations are complementary to the poetic imagery of the text. Carter Higgins takes us on a journey of the imagination through the woody canopy asking us to look up and imagine what could be. The treehouses can be quite elaborate, some even have libraries. Everything you need for a treehouse is about looking up and using your imagination.

One Springy, Singy Day
Written and Illustrated by Renée Kurilla
2021 – Abrams Appleseed

Bright, beautiful springy imagery throughout this One Springy, Singy Day. This book is a fun rollick through the life of a toddler on a spring day. From the excitement of playing outdoors to the learning and chores, you’ll have a fun time with its rhythm and rhyme. We have a lot of fun with this book because we can see ourselves in all the activities and daily routines. Your family will enjoy this one too!

Everybunny Dream!
Written and Illustrated by Ellie Sandall
2019 – Margaret K. McElderry Books

Unlike the folklore books (coming soon) this is a story about natural prey and predators… Um, having a sleepover party after a long day of playing together. The illustrations are fun and colorful and the text is easy enough that a toddler can jump in and read along. Every time I read Everybunny I would say to our daughter, ‘Get it? Get it?’ and she just thought that was so funny. Now she says, ‘Get it? Get it?’ every time we start laughing at a joke. Aside from the punny business, we have a lot of fun reading this one. Everybunny Dream! is a cute book, and it is nice to dream of a world where the fox and the hare are friends.

Written and Illustrated by Andy Harkness
2021 – Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Another close call for bunnies in Wolfboy! The most interesting part of this book is the way that Andy Harkness created the illustrations using glass as his canvas and clay and natural light as his medium. The artwork is stunning and it is no wonder; Harkness is an Emmy Award winning art director who worked at Disney for twenty five years before moving to Sony Pictures Animation Studio. Our main character, Wolfboy, hungrily tromps through the forest in search of the rabbits. We had fun trying to find the hiding rabbits on each page before arriving at Moonberry Meadow and satiating his furious hunger with moonberry pie courtesy of his friends–the rabbits!

When the Storm Comes
Written by Linda Ashman
Illustrated by Taeen Yoo
2020 – Nancy Paulsen Books

My three year old daughter is afraid of thunder. Growing up in the Midwest I don’t remember ever being afraid of thunderstorms-well once, but it was an ice storm and a tree fell on my window-but I guess you just get used to them and eventually it becomes good reading weather. When the Storm Comes takes place on the coast, but nevertheless, storms are scary to a kid. This sing-songy book has a nice rhythm and crisp illustrations to carry us through the storm. We weather it together. And from the first sign of danger to the final moment the clouds begin to clear, Ashman reminds us that all storms pass. This book is a great tool for helping your little ones get through their fears of frightening spring weather.

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