Five for Friday – It’s Spring Again (Part One)!

For the next two weeks the theme is: It’s Spring Again! Veda and I found so many good books to celebrate spring that we could barely narrow it down to ten. Dad, enjoy Biz Markie when the kids aren’t around and look for the following books to celebrate the changing of the season with the kids.

When Spring Comes
Written by Kevin Henkes
Illustrated by Laura Dronzek
2016 – Greenwillow Books

The signs are everywhere. The snowman has melted. The sun and rain arrive. And then more rain and more rain. This book has me and my daughter excited for the arrival of color as trees and flowers blossom throughout the neighborhood. When Spring Comes is filled with vibrant color. Everywhere we go I point out to her the changes in the scenery and this book is great explainer for a kid who is just getting to point where she understands the seasons change. She’ll stop me and say ‘Look! Look, Dad!’ Now she’s starting to notice, too!

The Runaway Egg
Written and Illustrated by Katy Hudson
2017 – Random House Children’s Books

When I find a book I like, I tend to like other books by same creator(s). Katy Hudson is an illustrator with a lot of fantastic books I found out. The art is really great because Hudson spent a lifetime developing the skill. The Runaway Egg is a springtime recommendation from a friend but I had fun applying the story to my daughter’s becoming a big sister. The story involves a big brother chick who is tasked by Mama Hen with watching an egg, his future baby brother. I had fun with an impromptu reading where I changed the big brother into a big sister. No matter either way. I’m not sure my daughter yet understands he/she as she sometimes will say ‘he’ when referring to her grandma! If you have some little ones who have even littler ones coming into the picture this is a great book, and I’ll try to find some more Hudson books to add in the future.

Hungry Bunny
Written and Illustrated by Claudia Rueda
2018 – Chronicle Book LLC

Of this week’s selection, Hungry Bunny is my daughter’s favorite. I like the simplicity and cleaness of the illustrations, but my daughter likes the interaction; she loves to help us around the house and this book cannot be read without her help. Novelty wears quickly for Dad, but she asks for this book by name. The story is about a bunny getting some apples to take home and make an apple pie. Guess what? He cannot do it without your help. As a bonus, the bunny will offer you a slice of apple pie at the end of the story. And then your daughter will ask you to make one! See my first attempt at a gluten free apple pie.

Hey, Rabbit!
Written and Illustrated by Sergio Ruzzier
2010 – Roaring Brook Press

Sergio Ruzzier is a very interesting illustrator and author. Hey, Rabbit came as a recommendation for kids just starting to read. The book is easy for kids to follow because the repetition does not overwhelm the reader with new words on each page. Overall, it is a pretty cute story about a rabbit pulling great gifts out of his suitcase for all his friends and in the end his friends all jump out with a great gift for him, a radish! Italian rabbits aren’t as keen on carrots? Ultimately, my thoughts aren’t as important as my daughter’s. She loves this book and keeps bringing it to me to read.

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring
Written and Illustrated by Kenard Pak
2020 – Henry Holt and Co.

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring is filled with stunning illustration and poetic verse. This is my favorite book on this weeks list. The book begins in winter, cold and dark illustrations are filled grey tones and a chill. One final snowstorm gives way to sunrise and the snow melts away as the pages light up. And finally the moment we are all awaiting-GREEN in every direction we look! I really enjoyed the art in this book. While I may be little more excited for spring than my daughter, that’s because she just hasn’t lived through enough winters yet!

Thanks for reading! I hope this post helped you find some books to celebrate the oncoming spring! Please subscribe and share to show your support or purchase the recommended books through which also supports booksellers in your neighborhood.

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