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Five for Friday – It’s Spring Again (Part Two)!

Here is the second half of Spring Again! This time with a song by Lou Rawls you can enjoy with the kiddos. If you missed last week you can click here to see Part One of the spring reading list. Everything You Need for a TreehouseWritten by Carter HigginsIllustrated by Emily Hughes2018 – Chronicle Books…

Five for Friday – It’s Spring Again (Part One)!

For the next two weeks the theme is: It’s Spring Again! Veda and I found so many good books to celebrate spring that we could barely narrow it down to ten. Dad, enjoy Biz Markie when the kids aren’t around and look for the following books to celebrate the changing of the season with the…

Five for Friday – 03 March 2023

OokoWritten and Illustrated by Esmé Shapiro2016 – Tundra Books I absolutely loved this book! Ooko is as entertaining for kids as it is for Dads. Don’t be surprised if referring to every dog owner you see as Debbie becomes an inside joke between you and the kids. The artwork in this book is fantastic. I…

Five for Friday – 24 Feb 2023

A Year of Everyday WondersWritten by Cheryl B. KleinIllustrated by Qin Leng2021 Wonderfully illustrated and fun to read, this is a great book for children in the earliest grades. I’m reading it to my three year old who is just starting to catch on to the idea of annual events and seasons. Everyday Wonders touches…

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